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30: Matt Segall

Matt Segall, philosophy professor and writer, joins me to talk about abiogenesis, the phenomenon of religion, and what happens when you die.

29: Michael Tremblay

Michael Tremblay, BJJ black belt and modern stoic, joins me to talk about basketball, ancient schools of thought, and debate good-heartedly about the notion of white privilege.

28: Don Guerra

Don Guerra, visionary baker and entrepreneur, joins me to talk about baking bread, heritage grains, and having the right attitude.

27: Tamás Danyikó

Tamás Danyikó, aquascaper and car buff, joins me to talk about aquascaping, döner kebab, and Top Gear.

26: Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon, psychotherapist and writer, joins me to talk about The Divine Comedy, the Beguines, and bobbit worms.

25: Antonio Zadra

Antonio Zadra, sleep scientist and dream explorer, joins me to talk about the importance of backcountry hiking, the value of dreams, and the multilayered nature of reality.

24: Michael Levin

Michael Levin, frontier biologist and friend of the pod, joins me to talk about why aliens might want to visit Earth, if we agree that a fire hydrant is a fire hydrant, and why the Star Wars cantina makes sense.

23: Mathias Clasen

Mathias Clasen, nervous person and horror researcher, joins me to talk about scary movies, the virtues of horror literature, and why we're drawn to the dark side.

22: Ashley Zhang

Ashley Zhang, Twitter whisperer and metamorphosing butterfly, joins me to talk about writing, the tension between external and internal, and finding your way as a young person.

Cassettes will return 11.22.21

Due to a recent injury, Cassettes is going on a three week hiatus and will return Monday November the 22nd. Patreon members will not be billed for the month of November. During this time I'll still be conducting interviews and there will be plenty to look forward to when we come back and I've healed up. Thanks for your patience and thanks for listening.

21: Brian Treanor

Brian Treanor, hermeneut and rock climber, joins me to talk about the capital 'T' truth, masks that we wear, and the psychological pitfalls of postmodernity.

20: Mackenzie Amara

Mackenzie Amara, Jungian analyst and psyche surfer, joins me to talk about primary producers, Empress Theodora, and our collective shadow.

19: Jonathan Z Lee

Jonathan Z Lee, wildlife photographer and mythical hero, joins me to talk about his strange journey, the nature of nature, and asian dads.

18: Peter Wirzbicki

Peter Wirzbicki, historian and Walt Whitman buff, joins me to talk about authenticity, Transcendentalism, and its relationship to the American anti-slavery movement.

17: Michael Levin

Michael Levin, distinguished professor and intuitive laser beam, joins me to talk about cognition as something more than what happens in human brains, why free will vs determinism is nonsense, and the strange experimental results emerging from his lab.

16: Matt Segall

Matt Segall, assistant professor and peripatetic philosopher, joins me to talk about where consciousness comes from, what is real, and the ideas of Alfred North Whitehead.

15: William Gladstone

William Gladstone, marine biologist and veteran scuba diver, joins me to talk about his underwater photography, diving experiences, and the relationship between science and art.

14: Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon, psychotherapist and ex-clergyman, joins me to talk about inner life, spirituality, and a consciousness-first model of the universe.

13: David Barash (Part 2)

David Barash, evolutionary psychologist and aging mountaineer, joins me to talk about the different ways of getting to human nature, political correctness, and sex differences.

12: David Barash (Part 1)

David Barash, sociobiologist and admirer of Shakespeare, joins me to talk about political temperaments, the danger of nuclear weapons, and putting ants into puddles.

11: Ulysse Malassagne

Ulysse Malassagne, animator and adventurer, tries to convince me that sleeping on an erupting volcano is not dangerous.

10: Phil Doyle

Phil Doyle, parkour O.G. and lovable rogue, joins me to talk about almost dying in Miami, the joy of balding, and starting his own clothing brand.

9: Igor Grossmann

Igor Grossmann, social psychologist and one-time lover of dance, joins me to talk about his youth in the downfall of the Soviet Union, the nature of wisdom, and resolving binary problems by jumping up a level.

8: Ron Chau

Ron Chau, budding existential psychotherapist and human anomaly, joins me to talk about Irvin Yalom's ultimate concerns, The Brothers Karamazov, and accepting the universe as it is. Is this an interview podcast? I talk a lot in this one.

7: Alex Schnell

Alex Schnell, comparative psychologist and cuttlefish enthusiast, joins me to talk about cephalopod intelligence, animal sentience, and the emerging science of magical illusion.

6: Jens Notroff

Jens Notroff, archaeologist and prolific tweeter, joins me to talk about the fascinating site known as Göbekli Tepe, the recurring act of monument destruction, and the relationship between truth and history.

5: Dan Nicholson

Dan Nicholson, molecular biologist-turned-process philosopher and future Bond villain, joins me to talk about everything flowing, spacetime worms, and what it would be like to be a molecule.

4: Eleanor Michalka

Eleanor Michalka, art director and master of shapes, joins me to talk about her career in animation, seeing things as they really are, the nature of God, and transcendent experiences. This one went off the rails.

3: Chris Maier

Chris Maier, musical genius, joins me to talk about incorporating Joseph Campbell's monomyth into his music, his fascination with evolutionary biology, his love of fishing, and the popular obsession with simulation theory.

2: Pace Davis

Pace Davis, real-life Cormac McCarthy character, joins me to talk about having a con-man dad, his experience with Spanish dumpster riots, the essays of James Baldwin vs George Orwell, and the joy of canoeing.

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